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Google uses a multitude of factors to determine how to rank search engine results. Typically, these factors are either related to the content of a webpage itself (the text, its URL, the titles and headers, etc.) or were measurements of the authenticity of the website itself (age of the domain name, number and quality of inbound links, etc.). However, in 2010, Google did something very different. Google announced website speed would begin having an impact on search ranking*[b]. Now, the speed at which someone could view the content from a search result would be a factor. Here some things that can boost the speed of your website :

  • Coding optimization
  • Image compression
  • Hosting improvement
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Caching System (gzip)

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SEO optimization can be done in many ways, but not every way will get you the same result. Depending on what you have, some actions will have to be prioritized. Let us help you choose the solution that best suits your business.

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