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  • By 2007, TeamworkPM had been launched. Inspired by Basecamp, as well as Apple’s design, Teamwork is a project management software that could be used by anyone. Teamwork is one of the best solutions on the market, for every type of business.

  • Redbooth is simple to use, inexpensive, intuitive and full of interesting perks and bonuses. This is the solution for everyone; especially for teams that struggle with communication problems. The collaboration tools alone are well worth the subscription price...

  • Comindware is a software company that specializes in adaptive business process management and workflow automation. The company derives its unusual name from the concept of a ‘co-minded’ work environment. Though founded in 2010...

  • EPM Live is one of the world’s leading project portfolio management software programs. Focused primarily on work management solutions, this comprehensive software was created in 1999. Since that time, EPM Live has successfully integrated with almost every...

  • With LiquidPlanner, you get an elegant, end-to-end experience that combines advanced scheduling engine with a social collaboration framework that keeps everyone on the same page....

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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