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What is Facebook ?

Facebook is currently, and by far, the most popular social platform on the market. About 73 % of the American population is registered and they spends several hours a week. All ages, occupations, genders, religions are present and well-identified. Facebook is definitely the very best at this time for your brand and the relationship with your customers.

To whom is it addressed ?

All companies, without exception. Facebook is now seen as an essential asset to you business. Your customers expect you to be there, and to some extend, not to be there can be harmful.

How to use it?

You can share business information, events, promotions, news, interesting articles or even, with moderation, various facts concerning your business. You may use Facebook on a daily basis or several times a week.

Marketing Media can help you!

A good social presence can have many positive effects on your business: brand awareness, SEO, recruitment, retention and more. Let us help you choose and optimize your presence on social networks that best suits your business.

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