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EPM Live is one of the world’s leading project portfolio management software programs. Focused primarily on work management solutions, this comprehensive software was created in 1999. Since that time, EPM Live has successfully integrated with almost every Microsoft program available, from Excel to MS Project, making it one of the most functional and versatile project management solutions of its kind.

EPM Live is famous for its inherent flexibility and works well for a variety of different industries. Current users include large corporations (Jack in the Box, Toyota, and FedEx), scientific organizations (NASA), and medical providers (Providence Health Systems, among others). EPM Live is the recipient of numerous awards, and has won Microsoft’s “Partner of the Year” award for four years.

It is unusual for one single software program to work on so many levels and speak to so many diverse industries. This is far more than just a simple project management solution.

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When running a business, it is important to keep track of your project development. A good and efficient project management software is the best way take care of everything in your business without drowning in multiple software programs and apps.

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